Bringing health services, education, social and economic assistance to the marginalized.

About us 

Life Giving Foundation is a registered under notarial deed of trust Number MA 1535/2016. It was founded in 2016 by Elton Sare and has been in existence since then. The humanitarian foundation strive to protect life which is a precious gift from God through assisting victims of epidemics, accidents, natural disasters as well as bringing medical support to marginalized communities.The work of the foundation goes beyond achieving Sustainable Development Goal 3, it also commits to ensure accessibility of quality education to economically disadvantaged children, the vulnerable and providing vocational skills to young people as well as the disabled, thus reducing poverty.

To ensure that marginalized people can access education, health services, social and economic support to enhance quality life.

The objectives of the Life Giving Foundation are amended as follows:
  • To establish a hospital in Zimbabwe which will be a center for treating selected  communicable and non-communicable/ chronic diseases.
  • Providing assistance in the fight against both infectious and non-infectious diseases through implementing effective control and preventative strategies.
  • To provide educational services both in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors.
  • To establish a vocational training center for marginalized and vulnerable talented  youths as well as the disabled.
  • To provide social, environmental and economic assistance among other amenities to the vulnerable children, the disabled, elderly, divorced and widows.
  • To ensure that proper elements and commitments are in place to provide for the establishment, management and the running of the affairs of the Hospital.
  • To engage in several projects that aims at ensuring social and economic sustainability of the Trust.

our work

Health Services and Infrastructure

As a Life Giving Foundation, we carry out a wide range of health services to enhance better life quality of communities we serve in line with Sustainable Development Goal 3.

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Eating nutritional food has a direct positive impact on health and life. A healthy diet supports normal growth and development as well as reducing chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and heart problems, a group of NCDs which is now burdening developing countries like Zimbabwe. This leads to an improved health status and well-being that can resist malnutrition.

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Education and Vocational Skills

In line with Sustainable Development Goal 4, Life Giving Foundation aims to ensure quality education and lifelong learning to primary, secondary and tertiary students as well as informal education. However priority is given to vulnerable and marginalized students so that they also have the right to education.

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Disaster Prediction and Management

Natural disasters such as drought, floods and cyclones have a devastating impact on communities whereby people get injured, lives are lost, settlements and infrastructure are destroyed. Some of these impacts cause prolonged trauma to the victims and this can as well reduce quality of societal life.

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Income Generating Activities

Zimbabwe is one country in the developing world still experiencing economic difficulties especially in the marginalized communities. Life Giving Foundation offers self income generating activities/projects such as vocational skills, individual and community cooperatives that can increase income generating channels. Poultry, piggery, horticulture, gardening are some of the projects offered by the foundation.

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