Life Giving Foundation is a registered under notarial deed of trust Number MA 1535/2016. The humanitarian foundation strives to promote the health and well being  of individuals by providing support to marginalised communities through; medical assistance for epidemic and chronic  illness,  innovative agriculture ideas, setting up and supporting income generating projects, lobbying and advocacy on socio-economic empowerment. It also commits to ensure accessibility of quality education to vulnerable children as well as providing vocational skills to the disabled. It also commits to ensure accessibility of quality education to vulnerable children as well as providing vocational skills to the disabled and marginaralised.



To ensure good health and well being as well as enhancing educational accessibility to marginalised communities of Zimbabwe.

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To provide support to individuals who suffer from chronic illness in Zimbabwe.

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Quality Education, Good Health & Well-being, to the Marginalised

Health Services and Infrastructure

As a Life Giving Foundation, we carry out a wide range of health services to enhance better life quality of communities we serve in line with Sustainable Development Goal 3.

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Agriculture and Nutrition

Eating nutritional food has a direct positive impact on health and life. A healthy diet supports normal growth and development as well as reducing chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and heart problems, a group of NCDs which is now burdening developing countries like Zimbabwe. This leads to an improved health status and well-being that can resist malnutrition.

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Education and Vocational Skills

In line with Sustainable Development Goal 4, Life Giving Foundation aims to ensure quality education and lifelong learning to primary, secondary and tertiary students as well as informal education. However priority is given to vulnerable and marginalized students so that they also have the right to education.

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Income Generating Activities

Zimbabwe is one country in the developing world still experiencing economic difficulties especially in the marginalized communities. Life Giving Foundation offers self income generating activities/projects such as vocational skills, individual and community cooperatives that can increase income generating channels. Poultry, piggery, horticulture, gardening are some of the projects offered by the foundation.

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  •  08/30/2021 12:10 PM

In 2019, Steven Chingwe, a 13-year-old boy from Mutoko rural area was playing soccer for leisure with other kids. Accidentally, he was hit on the right chick by another kid. According to Steven, he just felt an uneasy headache, but the pain didn't last for long which made him never to report the incident neither to any school teacher nor his parents. Also, there was no visible injury to raise concerns up until July 2020 when Steven's aunt noted his mild swollen chick.

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Elton Sare

Founder & President

Results-driven Community Development Practitioner specialising in educating communities about the dangers of Haemophilia (which he suffers from) among other chronic diseases.

Wellington Munjoma

Vice President & Head of Technology

A hardworking, imaginative and self-motivated professional Geospatial Engineer who is also interested in voluntary work, and exploring 21st Century technology.

Nicholas Mugumira

Secretary General (SG)

Self-driven and a good team player who is also a professional in Local Governance. Mr Nicholas is a responsible person interested in voluntary work as well as the development and support of vulnerable communities.

Tichaona Huni

Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

A professional, humanitarian and artist who is also the founder of Africa Awakening Trust (an initiative which supports activism through creative arts) as well as the co-founder of Ari ageng-SA. Mr Huni is a pioneer at CATCH and a passionate Gender Based Violence activist.

Gilbert Majirija

Legal Officer

Legal Practitioner practicing under the firm BMatanga IP Attorneys. He is an expert in commercial law, labor law, family law as well as intellectual property law. Mr Majirija is very passionate about intellectual property law litigation and has successfully represented a number of companies in Zimbabwe and in the region.

Rumbidzai Kusemwa

Project Manager

An innovative Entrepreneur who is also a Geospatial Practitioner in the field of Global Health and Environmental Science; Rumbidzai is a Philanthropist who is interested in the physical and social well being of the marginalised communities.

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